Bounty Program

Join our Bounty Program and earn Bitcoins to complete tasks

Completing our tasks you will receive rewards in Bitcoin. It is important that you do the tasks correctly to be qualified.

Facebook Bounty

Share proof of payments and your referral link in different groups of cryptocurrencies and investments

- You must share proof of payments. Images should not be repeated.
- Posts should be in groups targeted to cryptocurrencies and investments (HYIP, MLM, etc.).
- Only 1 post per day in each group is allowed.
- Posts must be public and with your referral link.

Rewards: $0.20 for each post. You can post in as many groups as you like.

Telegram Bounty

Subscribe our Telegram channel. Make a post about our site in your group or channel.

- You must be an admin of the group or channel.
- You must have at least 200 subscribers on the channel.
- In the group must be at least 150 members. The group must be active and contain daily discussions.

Post on channel:
100 - 500 views - $1
500 - 1000 views - $1.50
1000 views and above - $2

Repost in the group:
200 - 1000 members - $0.50
1000 members and more - $1

YouTube Bounty

Record a video in any language you wish to speak about our program. You may use any subject related to our site.

- You need to have an active investment of at least $50 or your affiliate network
- Video should be longer than 3 minutes
- At least have 100 views
- Your channel must have at least 100 subscribers
- The video description should include your referral link

$30 bonus deposited in one of our plans.

What are the steps to getting the bonus and what is the deadline for receiving my rewards?

After completing our tasks send us an email to [email protected]
The payment deadline (if approved) is up to 2 days.
Remember to follow all the steps correctly and respect our rules.